I’m Fine. This is never an acceptable answer from a person suffering from any type of Mental Health Issue. Learn to ask the hard questions. Ask them how they truly feel and let them know I’m Fine is not an answer you will accept. Do you need to Talk? Make sure that you are ready to follow this up by listening. This isn’t about you it’s about them and what they need to say in a nonjudgmental space. Don’t belittle them for their feelings or dismiss them. The hardest question you will ask as a loved one of a person suffering from mental illness is Do you feel like self-harming? If they do don’t try to fix this and get them the appropriate help ASAP. 



 Kylie is more than her mental health diagnosis. Before I share anything about her I think you need to know who she was before she was diagnosed with Bipolar. 

Kylie is our baby so to say she was spoiled is the truth. She spent two years with just her, me and her dad. So, she pretty much had the rule of the house. Don't get me wrong there were rules, but she was a good kid, so she pretty much got what she wanted. 

Kylie loved to play sports and lettered in softball, golf and basketball. She received many awards, district and state honors. She was welled liked by her peers. She was Homecoming attendant her freshman year and Homecoming Queen her senior year. Anytime we were at a school function the teachers would tell us how much they loved her and how funny she was. Kylie had a great since of humor.  Kylie was a funny well liked and well-rounded young lady. Kylie was always happy. Kyle was popular and had friends.

Kylie was Depressed and never showed it and we never knew it.

Kylie was Fine.



 Where should Mental Health Awareness start? This is a hard question. With suicide rates so high and the age of children committing suicide becoming younger and younger, how do we prepare our children for a better future?  I think we need programs in our schools to help with our children’s Mental Health at all ages.

Anti-Bulling Programs at the grade school level.

Classes in coping with stress and dealing with the pressure of adding extra activities, getting homework done and how to communicate with their parents when things get to be too much for incoming Jr. High Students.

At the High School Level there should be an orientation or online class Parents must complete. This should include for parents the effects they have on their children when putting added stress on them to be the best at everything. They have enough stress with keeping up grades, being in an extra activity and trying to survive on a day to day basis where others can be cruel. They should also have to watch a video on what happens to a bullied child and how to deal with your child if they are the bully. What you should do if you notice your child has any of the symptoms of depression or anxiety.

I also feel NAMI should be a big part of our High Schools.

https://www.nami.org/ Learn more here.